Introducing: Bloom

A Motion Activated Air Freshener

Product Features


  • Motion activated air freshener
  • 30 days consistent scent
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 30 days
  • Beautiful decor
  • Motion activated night light
  • No heat, no mess, no steam
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Bloom offers a discrete yet beautiful way to freshen and accessorize your space. The cordless design and customizable look fit seamlessly into any small space.

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How does the smart scent technology work?

Bloom is motion activated meaning it is hands free and will provide a burst of freshness when you enter the room.

How long should I charge my device for?

It will take around 2.5 hours to charge and should last around 30 days depending on usage.

Is Bloom cordless?

Yes! Bloom has a rechargeable battery, so it does not need to stay connected to an outlet. This provides versatility of placement.

Can I adjust the scent intensity?

There are two adjustable fan speeds. If you prefer a lighter scent, you can add one scent cartridge instead of two.

Create a scent oasis for your small space

Freshen your air at the right time and intensity

Designed for your home

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Bloom was designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to freshening your small space. Bloom provides up to 30 days of scent so you can be guest ready all the time.

Effortless Enjoyment

Our smart sensor detects when someone enters the room and releases a bloom of freshness. This means no wasted scent when you're not around.

Superior Scent Experience

Fragrance Options

Fresh Dewdrop

Like a morning walk in the garden with bursts of fresh air and floral

Lavender Fields

Vibrant lavender and geranium petals enveloped with wood and musk

Crisp Greenery

A subtle fruitiness boosts green floral base, lending to notes of aloe

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Smart Sensing Technology

No wasted scent when you're not home


Bloom Your Room

  • Motion activated air freshener
  • 30 day scent refills (Additional refills can be purchased for $5)

Package Includes

When can I purchase additional scent refills?

Scent pack refills will be available in October 2023 on

"Most air fresheners stick out like a sore thumb; this one blends into my decor." - Kristine
"Outlets in this house are a premium. I like that Bloom is rechargeable and that the battery lasts for 30 days. That's amazing!" - Alex
"Discreetness of device gives the impression that my house smells like this naturally." - Julie

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